I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li

He’s a message, I’m the runner
He’s the rebel, I’m the daughter waiting for you
You’re my river running high, run deep run wild

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In the night I called your

name - heart of mine

one letter at a time.

I’ll be found in a

land of savages

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post break-up sex // the vaccines

i can barely look at you
don’t tell me who you lost it to
didn’t we say we had a deal?
didn’t i say how bad i’d feel?

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It blows my mind that after all this time you’ve spent on earth, nobody ever bothered to tell you that your eyes aren’t brown.

They are copper against honey and sage and when they water they glow, two perfect orbs the same shade as nature after it rains.

You’re not as simple as they wanted you to be.

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Turning these babes into inky goodness at the studio today. Always get great vibes for my one-of-a-kind flatforms by Nu+Nan. (at Furry Little Peach’s Studio)


mac demarco - let her go

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I'll try to give solid answers....
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" Como chingas. "
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