caifanes - afuera

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Alabama, Arkansas,

I do love my Ma and Pa

Not the way that I do love you

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more orbs, 2013
watercolor, gouache, gold ink and glitter on paper, 7 1/2” x 5 1/2”
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how many times have u looked at strangers and noticed small good things about them like “whoa the way their hair bounces is cute” “she has such nice eyelashes” “her hands look so soft” “those pants suit her well” etc?
so many random strangers. you have been one of those for so many other people too.
people do notice.

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Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

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"Saul" - Armando Bravo, México


Amárrame y muérdeme 
llévate contigo mis heridas.
Murmúrame y ládrame 
y grita hasta que ya no escuche nada.

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